This module provide tools to localize an image into an existing Structure from Motion scene.


$ openMVG_main_SfM_Localization -i [] -m [] -o [] -q []

Arguments description:

Required parameters:

  • [-i|–input_file] The input SfM_Data scene (must contains a structure and camera poses)
  • [-m|–match_dir] path to the matches that corresponds to the provided SfM_Data scene
  • [-o|–out_dir] path to save the found camera position

Optional parameters:

  • [-q|–query_image] The query image to locate
// Example
$ openMVG_main_SfM_Localization -i /home/user/Dataset/ImageDataset_SceauxCastle/reconstruction/sfm_data.json -o /home/user/Dataset/ImageDataset_SceauxCastle/matches -o ./ -q /home/user/Dataset/ImageDataset_SceauxCastle/images/100_7100.JPG